real-time project collaboration with bluebeam studio

Looking to enhance project collaboration in real-time? Review this webinar as we dive into how Revu’s integrated cloud solution, Bluebeam Studio, enables remote project partners from across the globe to collaborate on the same documents in real time using industry-standard tools. Watch as we demonstrated how project teams can collaborate on the fly via Studio Sessions, where multiple users can redline a single copy of the same PDF together simultaneously or separately on their own time from a desktop, Windows tablet or an iPad.

Review this webinar Reid Addis, our Bluebeam Certified Consultant, demonstrated how to:

  • Implement digital workflows that span the entire project lifecycle, from site surveys and field reports to design review and punch.
  • Create optimized PDFs that seamlessly transition from the office to the field.
  • Redline 2D and 3D PDFs with customizable clouds, callouts, CAD symbols and more, and save custom annotations in the Tool Chest for easy reuse.
  • Use Bluebeam Studio to store entire project folders in the cloud for free and review PDFs in real time, or any time.