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Managing and Utilizing Geotechnical BIM

Over 30% of construction projects state unforeseen ground conditions as a major contributor to project overspends and overruns. Integrating project design models with an accurate BIM ground model enables outline designs to be positioned on the site, making it easier to analyze what’s going on. Ground investigation data can be transferred to a BIM model. Inputting geometry from the model directly into analytical packages enables further insights to be gained.

Microsol Resources recently partnered with Keynetix, Autodesk’s Geotechnical Industrial Partner who brings depth in geotechnical BIM, geotechnical data management, reporting and data interchange. View our recorded webinar highlighting Keynetix’s product, HoleBASE SI, which will revolutionize the way geotechnical data is created, viewed and accessed, from initial desk studies, on-site drilling, analysis, interpretation and reporting. To review a more recent version of this webinar, please click here.