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new york's aging infrastructure

New York City’s infrastructure faces a number of vulnerabilities — from aging water mains and deteriorating roads to crumbling public schools. A comprehensive report released in March by the Center for an Urban Future reveals serious investment is both needed and overdue to repair the city’s aging infrastructure. Aptly titled “Caution Ahead,” the report states that repairing critical vulnerabilities would require an investment of approximately $47.3 billion over the next five years to bring the city transportation, utility and building infrastructure to a State of Good Repair.


Review our recorded session as Jonathan Bowles, Executive Director at Center for an Urban Future, highlights the following:

  • Why the city faces numerous infrastructure deficiencies that have little to do with storm preparedness or resiliency
  • How developing infrastructure innovations can help
  • Important planning and cost recommendations, from creating a more effective capital planning process to taking a census of the city’s underground utilities