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Pipe network design with autocad civil 3d and urbano visio


Explore smart tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D pipe networks, with productivity features for the design & editing of plans and profile views, quick hydraulic and trench volume calculations and custom data analyses. This enables civil engineers and experts to inspect and edit important design data, use smart data selections and filters, apply editing changes with precision and quickly create data tables and reports.



Mihael Vaic the Business Development Manager for Urbano Visio software at StudioARS, discusses the latest features including:

  •  Draw pipe inverts directly in profile views
  • Edit existing pipe inverts directly in profile views
  • Add, move and delete strucutres directly in profile views
  • Inspect pipes and structures using any data included in custom configuration tooltips
  • Create a group for any pipe or structure data, including properties, part list custom data, object data, expressions and property set data
  • Quickly calculate all hydraulic values for the whole network, a network part, a single pipe or even without any pipes
  • Create simple trench configuration using parameters like trench side angles, bottom width and bedding type and thickness
  • Apply pipe and structure rules to the whole network or a selected network part with a few clicks
  • Select source elements from the drawing, set appropriate pipes and structures from the part list and convert the elements to an existing pipe network