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Utilizing the Geotechnical module for autocad civil 3d 2016

With the release of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 the Geotechnical Module has been made available through the subscription program to a much wider audience. Microsol Resources brought the creator of the Geotechnical Module, Keynetix, to show you how to use and exploit the features within the Geotechnical Module.


Review our recorded webinar to learn how the Geotechnical Module can link into HoleBASE SI as part of a central geotechnical data management system, as well as:

  •    Create projects and import borehole data into AutoCAD Civil 3D
  •    Create and visualise 3D boreholes
  •    Generate Civil 3D surfaces for geology strata
  •    Create dynamic Geotechnical long sections
  •    The fundamentals of modelling and visualising geology in AutoCAD Civil 3D