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visualizing geotechnical data in autocad civil 3d

Current Autodesk and Keynetix technology can transform the way subsurface and geology data is managed and visualized. By applying BIM principles and using the correct tools the subsurface can be modeled and visualized in a fraction of the normal time. Review our webinar as we explore the techniques involved in managing geotechnical data in order to allow it to be quickly and easily visualized in AutoCAD Civil 3D, enabling new techniques to better understand and explore the subsurface data.


Watch our webinar as Gary Morin, Technical Director at Keynetix, discusses the following topics:

  • How to apply BIM principles to the Geotechnical data using HoleBASE SI to better understand the geology and help minimize later problems and expense
  • How to rapidly create 3D boreholes in AutoCAD Civil 3D and visualize down hole data in context with the wider site
  • Generate dynamic geotechnical sections, including borehole logs strips in seconds, a process that could normally take hours
  • Create point groups and surfaces to enable better visualization for any down hole geotechnical data