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World Green Building Trends

New research published by Dodge Data & Analytics in the 4th in the series of World Green Building Trends SmartMarket Reports shows that green building activity is continuing to grow across the globe, with dramatic increases expected in 20 countries across five continents between now and 2021.

This report provides new data, features articles and a special section on green technology. Highlights include:

  • Levels of green building activity, along with the driveres and obstacles to building green, globally and in individual markets.
  • Longitudinal data on the business benefits of building green.
  • New data on hte advantages of certification and the products and systems most frequently used in green projects. 
  • The green technology section features in-depth insights from 10 experts on current and future trends in green technology , two case studies highlighting the use of advanced technologies to improve building performance and a feature article on existing cities that are becoming smart cities.
World Green Building Trends 2018
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