ACCElerate the 2030 challenge using autodesk insight

Your Revit model offers a lot more than 'just' the documentation of design decisions. For example, you can easily leverage it to create data that helps you understand why your building will use enregy it will, and how to make it better.

Watch our previously recorded webinar to learn how to use Energy Optimization for Revit through Autodesk Insight; with a focus on unique capabilities that makes this easier, faster, and more reliable than ever before.

Watch as Tony Saracino, Sustainability Customer Engagement Manager at Autodesk, demonstrates:

  • Collaboration between Autodesk and the AIA's open API that allows firms to automate the AIA 2030 Commitment data reporting to the Design Data Exchange (DDx). This tool plays a critical role in helping the industry hit the Architecture 2030 targets.
  • How to create an accurate Energy Analytical Model from Revit from conceptual to detailed design.
  • How to use Autodesk Insight too understand a buildings energy use and how to make it better.
  • How to automatically report to the AIA 2030 commitment and streamlining the reporting process. The progress report will highlight the critical role that energy modeling plays, and how projects that epplied energy modeling are performing more efficiently.