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Generate Renderings, Animations & Real-Time VR Walk-Throughs Using Enscape

How do you accurately communicate your design intent to our clients and project stakeholders? Virtual reality (VR) has been allowing architects and engineers to create stunning, interactive walkthroughs and provide clients with a realistic sense of how it would feel like to actually experience a simulated environment. Show clients an immersive experience with virtual reality in a single click.  


During this video, Kaj Burival, Director of Support and Training, at Enscape will domonstrate how to create real-time rendering and virtual reality to better visualize, share and construct projects. At this presentation, we also covered how to:

  • Show your design and various design iterations using objects and materials from the content library including interior furnishings and realistic exterior landscapes and context.
  • Learn how to use Enscape to create still image renderings, 360° panoramas, or cinematic videos – all in just a few seconds, up to a few minutes.
  • Create a high-quality VR visualization with just one click from Revit, Rhino, SketchUp or ArchiCAD – and edit it while presenting!
  • Export an Enscape walkthrough into a standalone Windows executable or a WebGL based website so you can share it with your clients or other team members.


For more information or to get your free trial, please reach out to enscape@microsolresources.com.