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what's New with Revit 2020?

Autodesk Revit 2020 comes through with new features and enhancements that help AEC teams deliver projects more productively. Review this video as Roger Liucci of Microsol Resources shares what’s new in the latest version of Revit.


During this presentation, Roger Liucci, BIM Application Specialist at Microsol Resources, outlines the direction of Revit software development in three areas:

  • Create - Creating models that capture design intent at a high degree of accuracy and detail is central to why you use Revit. Autodesk made it a goal to help you create project data in all phases while engaging in a delightful, intuitive, and contextual experience.
  • Optimize - Because you’re always striving to create better designs using the best possible tools, software development works to support both. Autodesk is working on features and functionality that enable you to analyze, simulate, and iterate and pick the best design options. They're optimizing software performance to help you work more productively and automate routine tasks, so you can focus on the design.
  • Connect - With more multi-disciplinary collaboration and detailed design engineering done up front, Autodesk is considering how you integrate teams and products. They support multidisciplinary project teams and tools that connect design to fabrication for structural steel and precast and that connect MEP modeling to fabrication.
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