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quick start video tutorials for v-ray for Revit

V-Ray for Revit is built for designers. It's fast to set up with no complicated settings. You'll be a master in no time with these quick start video tutorials. Step-by-step tutorial breakdowns and tutorial assets are available. 

introduction to v-ray for revit

V-Ray for Revit - Getting Started

This video tutorial covers the basic workflow of rendering a simple scene with V-Ray for Revit. It will show you how to block your lighting, camera, and materials with V-Ray's Real-Time renderer.
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V-ray Swarm

Learn how to use V-Ray Swarm, a distributed rendering system that allows you to render on multiple machines at once using a simple web interface. 

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Interior Lighting

This video covers lighting techniques for interior spaces with V-Ray for Revit. You will see how to light and render using artificial lights as well as the environment sun light.
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Exterior Lighting

This video tutorial walks you through lighting techniques for exterior scenes, following up on the previous Interior Lighting tutorial which gives you some general lighting workflow details.

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This tutorial demonstrates how to apply materials using the V-Ray Material Browser in V-Ray for Revit.


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MAterial Editor

Learn how to create and edit materials in Revit using the standalone V-Ray Material Editor.



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Advanced Material Workflow        

This video covers some advanced material workflows including using triplanar texture mapping as well as using displacements with your materials.

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In this third video about using lights in V-Ray for Revit, you'll get a look at how IES Lights is being used.


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Section Box             

Learn how to render section cuts using the Section Box tool that is built into Revit.



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Render Channels

This video covers how to use Channels to push the results of your Revit renders even further.



In-depth Tutorial

Rendering Fog             

This video tutorial shows you how to render Aerial Perspectives and atmospheric Fog effects in your Revit projects.


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Composition Channels

This video demonstrates how to adjust specific components of a rendered image to give you better control over the final quality of your output using V-Ray for Revit.

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Advanced Camera Techniques            

This V-Ray for Revit video tutorial walks you through using V-Ray camera for effects such as vignettes and depth of field.


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